BL manga and Illustration based in Los Angeles, CA

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Name: Mao
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Hardware: Apple iMac, Wacom 13HD Cintiq
Software: Clip Studio Paint Ex, Adobe Photoshop CS6

Mao is an illustrator and manga artist specializing in Japanese BL (Boy Love). She focuses on capturing the short sweet moments between lovers through elegant and graceful lines, soft auras, and pastel colors. She has had her work sold throughout the US at various anime conventions as well as in Tokyo, Japan.

Work List

12.30.2017 - 「我慢できない」Yuri on Ice Unofficial Fanbook 02, 冬コミC93, Tokyo, Japan
12.24.2017 - 「今日僕はあなたのもの」Yuri on Ice Unofficial Fanbook 01 (Japanese), 2人のラブ・シークエンス Third, TRC, Tokyo, Japan
07.01.2017 - "Love in the Attic" Persona 5 Unofficial Fanbook, USA
05.20.2017 - "Today I am Yours" Yuri on Ice Unofficial Fanbook 01 (English), USA

12.30.2016 - 「スウィートラバー」Osomatsu-san Unofficial Fanbook, 冬コミC92, Tokyo, Japan
11.2016 - Pokemon Go ガチャ, とらのあな, Tokyo, Japan

09.2015 - "Adagio" Evangelion Unofficial Fanbook, USA

10.2014 - "The Farthest Distance Between You and Me" Free! Iwatobi Swimclub Fanbook 1.5, USA
02.2014 - "Free Falling" Free! Iwatobi Swimclub Fanbook, USA